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Beneath and Beyond

A Hands On Guide to a Stress Free Lifestyle

Written by best-selling author Brittany Krystantos, teaches readers how to reopen past wounds and transform their pain into power with self-confidence to live a happy, spirited life.

I Am Not Your Average Teen

From Silence To Happiness: My Journey To Find My Voice

"This is high school for you: We have the jocks; the cheerleaders/dancers; the stoners; the “wannabes”; the goths; the hockey stars; the ones who spend their weekends watching “The Walking Dead”; the nerds; the losers; the weirdos. Then there is me.... " -Britt Krystantos




Ben Higgins

“The posture and understanding that I entered the book is different than when I left the book. I left much more empathetic, much more self-aware, much more focused on being the better me so I cold then be a better authentic person to others. The ethos of this book allowed me to become a more aware human, which as a result I am now grateful. I am reminded of the hope that life brings when reading Beneath and Beyond.”


Karl Wolf

"Brittany is a powerful voice in a world that is increasingly harsh and uncertain. The reality is; young women have such a major role to play in the future of our ever evolving consciousness; where jobs are scare, leaving students in debt and no guaranteed employment. Even basic civil rights are being violated and normalized, In a world where social media holds more weight than our own household belief systems. I am proud of Brittany for her faith through this interesting time and her efforts to positivity inspire and motivate millennials and teens all across North America and around the world who could definitely use a voice of their own in such an ambivalent climate."


Galore Magazine

"If it sounds like Brittany is a millennial Elizabeth Gilbert or Oprah Winfrey, that’s not too far off. She lives for inspiring people and helping people feel better."


Ali Simpson

"Through writing this book, Brittany has given us a roadmap and a chance to be ourselves"

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