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Hey you! What's up? I want to welcome you into my world. I have been on a spiritual awakened path since I was in my teens, which doesn't feel like too long ago. It all started with depression, and hitting rock bottom. In the darkest and deepest places of my pain, I was shown a spiritual path to life. It was spirituality that is the reason why I am still alive, it led me to the choice to not end my life. The moment I decided to live, was the day I found the truest form of divine love. I started going to yoga weekly, meditating every morning and every night, getting in touch with my spirit, and seeing spiritual life coaches that were able to teach me methods and principles of living life freely and happily. I learnt then that my life purpose is to serve and give back. However, I wasn't able to do it if I still had demons hidden myself. I was dedicated to healing myself and learning these principles, which aligned me to my soulful purpose.  


As a young author, I published my first book, I Am Not Your Average Teen, at the age of fifteen and ranked #1 bestseller on Amazon for teen health. I have a platform designed to inspire and empower young people; by providing guidance and direction, which has helped many teens build resilience in the face of adversity.​ However, there was a time,  when I was a young girl... I was so afraid of the world. I was scared of my own shadow. Like,  my head was facing down. My voice was silent.  My shoulders rolled back and my heart sadden with a notion of insecurities, a common struggle of self- identity issues. Who am I and what is my purpose in life? I would ask myself, in the darkest of darkest times in my life.    Until one day, I was fifteen, and had spiritual awakenings, and self realizations that I needed to change. This is what helped me grow into myself. But life also helped. The heartbreaks, the boy who dumped me on text, the one week relationships and everything life experiences could teach me about sorrow and happiness.  The path of discovery is beautiful. I have learnt to adapt to every moment, every turn, every pull the Universe has taken me! 


The journey started when I wrote my first book at 15. It was during a transitional time in my life. Words that were for healing, words that became wisdom, and words that became hope for others! I was a confused and sad teenager.  It has become my mission to encourage teens with various of ways to be themselves. I like to remind you that self-love is the ultimate goal, but most importantly, if you're not living your best life, then where is the fun in that?  In my twenties, the question  became "what brings me joy?"  

There is so many ways I would like to help you with, let's start with healing and asking ourselves, "What am I holding onto and need to let go of? What am I repressing?" Healing begins today. 


I want to send you love and light, and may you find your way.


Britt <3 

Healing starts when we dig deep within ourselves, and become vulnerable with our true self. 

Brittany Krystantos


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Author Brittany Krystantos, writer of the well- received self-help book, I Am Not Your Average Teen, which she wrote at the age of 15. Britt is a Canadian motivational speaker, life coach and mentor for teens, and author with three published books, and curves the saying, "Boss Babe." At just 21, Brittany teaches primarily from her own experience and years of studying methods to help with mental health, she teaches a practical application of a program called Beneath And Beyond, in which she emphasizes self-love, mental health, teaching kids to cultivate positive thoughts and helping find solutions to their struggles with a holistic approach to spirituality and self-care.  From being muted for seven years, to now changing the world one teenager at a time, Brittany has been committed to helping young people through her program she teaches in high schools based on the principles found in this book. 


A youth advocate and mental health activist who lives for empowering and guiding the lives of young people to help them deal with adversity and teen struggles head on. She has spent the past years in her teens and early 20s to encourage teens to come into their  vulnerability and heal themselves with her books, I Am Not Your Average Teen, Beneath And Beyond, Boy Bye, which is the culmination of a years of dealing with her own struggle with depression that led her to help others.


Readers of her book, like Reality Star, Ben Higgins have expressed with great enthusiasm for her book and the impact it’s made on him and others, “The ethos of this book allowed me to become a more aware human, which as a result I am now grateful. I am reminded of the hope that life brings when reading Beneath and Beyond”, as well as Pop Icon and model, “Through writing this book, Brittany has given us a roadmap and a chance to be ourselves. I am grateful for having shared in this journey with her. I am grateful that many teenagers journey will be easier for having read this book.”, Alli Simpson said. 

Not many of us know what it’s  like to live with Selective Mutism, let alone what it is: it is when a   child, fully capable of speaking, chooses not to. Can you imagine the thoughts going through the peers, teachers, family, and friends (if there are any) of such a child, and the treatment that she is subsequently subjugated to?

Brittany, not only survived the first 7 years of her life in the silence of Selective Mutism, but thrived through it! She has now converted that experience to her purpose in life. Sharing about her triumph over the past, made her an author at the age of 15, and now a youth advocate at 19. Britt has had many spiritual encounters from an early age; which have had a major influence on her teachings and way of living.

Brittany has appeared on notable media outlets including, Global News’ The Morning Show, Galore Magazine, Sirius RadioXM, Asana Magazine, Origins Cosmetics Feature, Rogers TV. Beneath And Beyond has become a trend, and a way of life. Brittany is passionate with the idea of empowering young people before their problems worsen, she struggled with mental health and Selective Mutism as a kid.  Brittany delivers on the belief that when we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.


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