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Jason Tartick Live on Instagram with Mental Health Advocate Brittany Krystantos

In this blog, we delve into a captivating conversation with Jason Tartick, where he shares valuable insights on restarting life and finding success on your own terms. From taking control of your professional journey to overcoming mental health challenges, Jason's words of wisdom are both empowering and thought-provoking. Jason emphasizes that everyone has the power to restart their life. He shares his personal roadmap and reveals some top secrets to achieving success. Jason believes that having control over your life is crucial, as it allows you to make decisions without external influences and he opens up in his newest book titled, "The Restart: Rewire and Reset Your Career."

Jason said, "I don't want people to have control over my professional success other than me having the most control.So some people might look at that and just be like,Dude, like, that's whatever. That's a weird way to be motivated ,but I don't care what other people think. Because that's what get that's what's got me up early today.I was up at five. That's what'll keep me up till probably eleven working on stuff.And I know that, and I would challenge anyone out there.It's like if you don't get that down to a core, what gets you going, what gets you fired up,You'll just I don't think you'll ever achieve, like, your pinnacle performance. Mentally, mentally, or physics. "

Jason learned, "Discovering What Motivates You."

It was an absolute pleasure engaging in a conversation with Jason and gaining valuable insights from his unique perspective. Amongst all the individuals I've had the opportunity to speak with this year, Jason's words and outlook on life resonated deeply. When he speaks, it's as if his wisdom captivates your attention. It's evident that Jason possesses a natural ability to educate, inspire, and lead others. His passion for sharing knowledge shines through, and it was truly an enlightening experience to hear his thoughts and learn from him.

He continued to say. " Knowing what gets you out of bed in the morning is essential for reaching your peak performance. Jason encourages viewers to identify their core motivators and what gets them fired up. He stresses the significance of finding what excites you and using it as a driving force for success.

Jason continued said, "We have, like, a system a little bit that kinda gets you stuck.Right? I mean, you go to school, you take out a big loan, you might have credit card debt, I was in that world.Higher Education MBA was extremely expensive.I could not lose my job because of the price tag.So one, I think it's so important that you find the financial plan to be able to make sure you can be financial independent because when you are strictly relying on the w two income to get out of it is extremely tough. Now if you're trying to get out of it, you gotta sixty eight hours in a week. A hundred and sixty eight hours.That does a lot of time to do work and to figure things out outside your full time job.I think that's important. "

In this excerpt, Jason Tartick sheds light on the challenges posed by the system that often keeps individuals feeling stuck. He highlights the traditional path of going to school, accumulating loans, and potentially acquiring credit card debt. Jason personally experienced the high costs of pursuing a higher education, particularly an expensive MBA program. This financial burden made it essential for him to secure his job and maintain stability.

Jason emphasizes the importance of finding a financial plan to achieve independence. Relying solely on income from a nine-to-five job can make it extremely difficult to break free from financial constraints. To work towards financial independence, he suggests dedicating extra time outside of regular working hours, committing up to sixty-eight hours a week. This additional time allows for pursuing alternative avenues, exploring opportunities, and figuring out ways to improve one's financial situation.

Jason's perspective highlights the significance of having a well-thought-out financial strategy to gain independence and overcome the limitations of a system that often keeps people trapped. By acknowledging the challenges and dedicating the necessary time and effort, individuals can take steps towards financial freedom and chart their own path to success.

He continued to say, "But there are really five reasons I think people get stuck.They get stuck because they're they don't have mobility within their career.They're not accelerating the way they want or they're not where they wanna be from a mobility standpoint.There's not passion aligned with what they're doing. They don't have a natural skill set with their job responsibilities.They're not compensated appropriately, or they're just fearful of what's next.Usually, it's gonna be one of those five reasons you're stuck.You're gonna have to identify which those five it is. And then once you've identified that, solutions to put in place are actually pretty easy. All those are in the book the start roadmap.But, like, for instance, compensations issue. It's actually the easiest one to fix. And so in the book, I talk about two big raises I had. One was a fifty percent raise and one was a twenty percent raise.The effort it took to get those raises were nothing.Absolutely nothing. Now the future impact that has on my cash flow and in my my entire future income opportunity is so significant.Right? Because if I get a fifty percent raise, that changes the next forty five years of cash inflow as what the base is moving forward.So those are all tips and tricks that would I would suggest people do.Yeah. Question. What advice would you give to someone who's torn between two totally different industries to start a business?To start a business? Yeah. To start up. I mean, the the that's a tough one to answer because it's it's extremely general, but the the the baseline goes, where are you gonna have the quickest launch where do you have the best natural learned abilities, natural skill set, natural network to succeed within those industries.Again, I don't have the industries exactly in front of me.So understanding, like, the slide analysis that's basic the slide analysis for business planning is is absolutely important.But I would say wherever you can accelerate your network and natural skilled abilities within those industries is gonna be probably the most important."

Some powerful points from Jason:

  1. Breaking Free from the System: Jason acknowledges that societal expectations can create a sense of being stuck. He discusses the importance of financial independence and finding a financial plan that allows you to pursue your goals. Additionally, he identifies five common reasons people feel trapped: lack of career mobility, absence of passion in their work, mismatched skill sets, inadequate compensation, and fear of the unknown.

  2. Overcoming Mental Health Challenges: Jason opens up about his own experience with mental health struggles, specifically panic attacks. He shares his journey of coping with anxiety and panic, including relying on medication to camouflage his condition. However, he emphasizes the importance of facing these challenges head-on, seeking help, and not letting mental health issues go unaddressed. He highlights that neglecting to confront these struggles will eventually lead to a breakdown.

Conclusion: Jason Tartick's insights provide a fresh perspective on restarting life and achieving personal and professional success. His empowering words encourage individuals to take control, identify their motivators, and address mental health challenges. Regardless of age, it's never too late to embark on a journey of self-discovery and pursue a fulfilling life.

He shared , "Have you ever experienced mental health and tips that got you through having, you know, mental health problems or a day of anxiety or, you know, panic attacks? Yeah.I mean, the first chapter, I opened up and talked about story of a massive, massive panic attack I had in, like, the middle of a huge banking pitch.And how I started to cope with that. And immediately,I went to Xanax and beta blockers.And I was literally carrying beta blockers and Xanax and listerine strips to camouflage this in my suit because you can't in that world, if you show this weakness, if you show that inability to perform because of mental struggles that could totally impact the subjectivity and what success performance and acceleration looks like in that career.And so I did everything and anything to kinda camouflage some of the mental English I was I was undergoing.And it's it's pretty intense to think about the things I was doing to really keep, like, the the my inner body, the truth of what I was feeling, in my reality. And I think one of the big things."

In this powerful conversation, Jason reminded us that every individual carries a story and faces their own battles with mental health, regardless of their background. He exemplifies that life can have its ups and downs, and the remarkable thing is that we always have the ability to start anew, no matter the circumstances. Jason's journey serves as a testament that embracing change and finding the strength to begin again is within everyone's reach.

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