From Silence To Happiness: My Journey To Find My Voice

"This is high school for you: We have the jocks; the cheerleaders/dancers; the stoners; the “wannabes”; the goths; the hockey stars; the ones who spend their weekends watching “The Walking Dead”; the nerds; the losers; the weirdos. Then there is me.... " -Britt Krystantos


The outcast, the teenager that is NOT your average teen.

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A Hands On Guide to a Stress Free Lifestyle

A Hands On Guide to a Stress Free Lifestyle, written by twenty-year-old author Brittany Krystantos, teaches readers how to reopen past wounds and transform their pain into power with self-confidence to live a happy, spirited life. Brittany continued into young adulthood consisting of a program using a variety of methods to help you shift to a more positive state of mind, regardless of your physical, emotional, or psychological challenges. The Beneath and Beyond program has helped hundreds of teens across Canada with their mental illness. Now we get to pursue Brittany’s mission in this book with inspirational stories and actionable, enriching principles to help you heal whatever struggles you’re going through. 

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