Founded by Brittany Ennis & Brittany Krystantos 


On August 04, 2019 in Toronto, Canada.We took great pleasure in launching and hosting our very first women's empowerment summit. A summit founded exclusively out of the desire to empower young girls and women who are stepping into the world of business.The goal of our summit is to feature both established and up and coming voices in the world of female entrepreneurship as well as provide mentorship and guidance through strategy sessions encompassing not just business and technology, but also relationships, communication, personal development, and health and wellness. We offer insight on 5 key components to help guide women and/or steer them in the right path and direction that will not only help with business but also real life issues and topics, such as,  Wellness, Relationships, Business, Social Media, and Lifestyle. NOW it's your turn to start your journey today with our five mottos.

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