I want to welcome you into my world! As a young author, I published my first book, I Am Not Your Average Teen, at the age of fifteen and ranked #1 bestseller on Amazon for teen health. I have a platform designed to inspire and empower young people; by providing guidance and direction, which has helped many teens build resilience in the face of adversity. However, there was a time,  when I was a young girl... I was so afraid of the world. I was scared of my own shadow. This is what helped me grow into myself. The heartbreaks, the boy who dumped me on text, the one week relationships and everything life experiences could teach me about sorrow and happiness. 

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   I have been on a spiritual awakened path since I was in my teens. It all started with depression, and hitting rock bottom. In the darkest and deepest places of my pain, I was shown a spiritual path to life. Spirituality was the reason I’m still alive, it led me to the choice to not end my life. The moment I decided to live, was the day I found the truest form of divine love. 


   The journey started when I wrote my first book at 15. It was during a transitional time in my life. Words that were for healing, words that became wisdom, and words that became hope for others.


I want to send you love and light, and may you find your way.



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