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Galore Magazine has dubbed me as the Elizabeth Gilbert or Oprah Winfrey for the Millennial generation. I am an author of two books, I Am Not Your Average Teen (which became an Amazon bestseller!) and Beneath and Beyond, both of which detail my childhood struggles with mental health and child mutism. Along with being a motivational speaker and mental health activist, I have been showcased in a variety of media outlets such as Galore Magazine, Huffington Post, Global News, Sirius Radio, The Dariel Roy Show, Rogers TV, and many more.

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To inspire my audience, I regularly host Instagram live chats with celebrities for my 24k+ followers. Some of my notable guests include New York Times bestselling author Anna Todd, The Bachelor stars Clayton Echard, Jason Tartick, and Ben Higgins, NASA scientist Katya Echazarreta, pastor Chelsea Smith, and more. I also had the honor of collaborating with Jessica Alba and taking over the Honest Company's Instagram for World Mental Health Day.

Selective Mutism is a condition that not many of us are familiar with. It occurs when a child, who is fully capable of speaking, chooses not to. Can you imagine the thoughts that go through the minds of the child's peers, teachers, family, and friends (if any), and the subsequent mistreatment the child endures? I not only survived the first seven years of my life in the silence of Mutism, but I also thrived through it. My experience has become my life's purpose, and I now share my triumph over the past as an author at the age of 15 and an advocate at 24.

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